s. aihti-;

Germanisches Wörterbuch . 2014.

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  • aik- — To be master of, possess. Oldest form *ə₂eik̑ , colored to *ə₂aik̑ , becoming *aik̑ in satem languages and *aik in centum languages. 1. ought1, owe, from Old English āgan, to possess, from Germanic *aigan, to possess. 2. own, from Old English …   Universalium

  • fraught — early 14c., laden (of vessels), pp. of M.E. fraughten to load (a ship) with cargo, from fraght cargo, lading of a ship (early 13c.), variant of freight; influenced by M.Du. vrachten to load or furnish with cargo, from P.Gmc. *fra aihtiz (see… …   Etymology dictionary

  • freight — early 13c., fraght, from M.Du. or M.L.G. vracht, vrecht, meaning originally cost of transport and probably from a lost Old Frisian word, from P.Gmc. *fra aihtiz absolute possession, property (Cf. O.H.G. freht earnings ), from *fra , intensive… …   Etymology dictionary

  • aihti- — *aihti , *aihtiz germ., stark. Femininum (i): nhd. Habe, Gut; ne. possession; Rekontruktionsbasis: got., an., ae., ahd.; Vw.: s. *fra ; Etymologie: s. ing …   Germanisches Wörterbuch